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Date: 23 Feb 2002

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<< is noir really that profound or impressive or artistic? >>

    In noir as in other writing, it's the characters and the story that matter. Atmosphere alone usually won't carry the day. If none of the characters in a novel, or play, or film are judged worthy of following or being cared about, then the story and the quality of the writing carry a heavy load indeed.
    Thompson's books were flawed to be sure, and not everyone finds enough of interest or value in his stories to be worth the time it takes to read them, but many of us are captured by his characters or drawn in by the intrigue inherent in his writing and the power of his delivery.
    Also, not all noir is unrelentingly bleak and nihilistic, (See Jim D's definition) and not all of life is represented by the dark side. Noir isn't
"reality" or a reflection of reality -- it's just a slice of the pie. At least, that's the way I see it.

                                    Jim Blue

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