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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 23 Feb 2002

> In a message dated 2/22/02 3:03:18 PM, writes:
> << is noir really that profound or impressive or artistic? couldn't
one just
> as easily stick one's head up his ass and wax poetically about the
dark? >>
> funny, my wife asked me pretty much the same thing last night. I said
> something like, "what's so interesting about a story that goes 'once
upon a
> time, there was a nice guy. good things happened to him. and he
> happily ever after.' "
> she gave me one of those 'no sex for you tonight' looks and walked
> John Lau
> --

My wife's main complaint with a lot of the stuff that I read (& even more, the movies I like to watch) is that it's "boy's stuff", featuring all boys with guns - which is a little hard to refute, as far as generalisations go & although she'll tell you that she doesn't like HB/noir books I have gotten her to read (& enjoy) to some extent or other, Jim Thompson, John D MacDonald, Ross Macdonald & Elmore Leonard, to name a few. In fact, she loves Leonard & John D & if Travis McGee was a real human my marriage would be in serious trouble right now (despite McGee's almost troglodytic attitudes toward the "fairer sex").


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