From: Buzz (
Date: 22 Feb 2002

I just bought a second hand copy of Hard Feelings over the internet and received it the other day. Inside was this helpful little note from the seller:

"Probably the worst book ever written. Thanks for getting it out of my apartment."

Go figure.


John wrote:

> so I just finished breezing thru my complimentary copy of Jason Starr's
> newest, HARD FEELINGS. my definition of noir has always been embodied in
> James M. Cain's POSTMAN and DOUBLE INDEMNITY. basically, you're fucked
> coming into this world and you're fucked going out. anything you do in
> between is just marking time. Hard Feelings embodies this ethos as much
> any book I've read in recent memory. Starr's publisher made a smart move
> giving away a few copies of this book because I'll definitely be looking
> his other work as soon as the room stops spinning.

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