RARA-AVIS: RE: The Doppleganger

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane@emazing.com)
Date: 21 Feb 2002

George Upper < gcupper3@yahoo.com> wrote:

- --- Michael Robison < zspider@gte.net> wrote:
> >somebody said this:
> > Believe it or not, I'm in the process of writing a
> > thesis on the doppleganger in southern (U.S.)
> > hard-boiled detective fiction.

That would be me.

> what's a doppleganger?

Ah, that's the question, isn't it? Here, miker, and for anyone else who cares (and I have to believe that's a short list) are the first few paragraphs of my thesis (unedited as of yet, so I apologize in advance for any errors). I hope this answers your question; if it doesn't, I have some serious re-writing to do.

A couple of lit'ry samples dealing with doppelgangers are "The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad and "The Double" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. WHile not hard-boiled by any means, both stories deal with heightened psychological states, as some fine examples of our favorite sort of crime fiction also do.

-- Duane

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