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Date: 20 Feb 2002

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<< Jeff Parker's LITTLE SAIGON and the extremely generically titled PACIFIC BEAT are just as powerful as LAGUNA HEAT. After reading those three, SUMMER OF FEAR is that much more of a disappointment. In my view however, Parker redeems himself in his subsequent work. While not on a par with his first three, his next four books are all quite good. I especially enjoyed THE BLUE HOUR, although the coda is a bit wonky. >>

    I agree that the first three Parker books were the strongest he's done. The Blue Hour works best when it isn't focused on Merci but on her partner, and the wonky ending in this one is, I believe, one of the reoccurring problems with Parker's more recent books.
    Nevertheless, he is a skillful, imaginative writer who sometimes creates great characters and who lays out his landscape so well that it's hard not to see and feel the world he'd describing. I'd say that all of his stuff is worth reading.

                                    Jim Blue

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