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Date: 20 Feb 2002

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<< I thought that this one was too close in many respects (plot, characters) to

Connelly's superior THE POET. Granted it's been a while, but I found the

similarities distracting. It seemed as if Parker was deliberately trying to

affect a serial killer chic "style" common to Connelly and Thomas Harris. >>

Where Serpents Lie IS extremely similar to The Poet, which IS superior. I was at a Connelly appearance where someone asked him about it. He said he didn't even notice. He may however, have just been trying to be diplomatic. The two men know each other, and are fans of each other's work. I have in fact seen Parker at a Connelly appearance. Both men are around the same age, and have similar backgrounds: crime reporters for big Southern California newspapers. And while Parker's best work may have been his first three books, he has been trying to extend his reach by playing around with point of view in his story telling. Someone mentioned Summer of Fear being bad- I thought so too, this was his first foray into the first person. Since then, he has also switched back and forth from the protagonist's first person, to the bad guy's third person, notably in Serpents, which is one of the similarities to The Poet. The Poet interestingly, I believe was Connelly's first venture into the first person.

IMHO, Serpents isn't bad, it just suffers in comparison to one of the most riveting thrillers written in the past decade.

Parker, who has written primarily stand-alones his entire career, seems to be trying to make a series of his recent female cop character Merci Rayborn, who appears in both The Blue Hour and Red Light. I still find him eminently readable. I can't say the some for some of my other old favorites.

John Lau

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