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Date: 19 Feb 2002


Re your comment below:

> I thought that this [WHERE SERPENTS LIE] one was
> too close in many
> respects (plot, characters) to
> Connelly's superior THE POET. Granted it's been a
> while, but I found the
> similarities distracting. It seemed as if Parker was
> deliberately trying to
> affect a serial killer chic "style" common to
> Connelly and Thomas Harris.

Haven't read THE POET, so I can't comment, but I thought the characterization of the cop was very well-done. I liked the writing. And I found the police work convincing. The "frame-up" attempt on the hero was a distraction that I think the book could have dispensed with, but maybe Parker felt some need to introduce a "fair-play whodunit" aspect, and, since the main villain was known, used the "frame-up" sub-plot for that purpose. And, aside from the fact that that main villain was serial killer, I didn't find the book all that derivative of Thomas Harris.

Serial killers are dealt with by cops. I don't think the fact the Thomas Harris has made the fictional use of serial killers so commercially successful should bar other police procedural writers from serial killer plots.


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