Re: RARA-AVIS: dissing vachss

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 19 Feb 2002

george said:
> On the other hand, I didn't find Vachss particularly
> preachy, either. The message is certainly there, but
> I didn't feel like he was dumping it over my head. Is
> FLOOD one of his less preachy books, or am I just
> insensitive to this kind of thing?

i've read eleven novels by vachss. as i do on many series, i bought and read the first one out of order, and when i liked it, i proceeded thru the others i read in order. except for the last couple i've read, i enjoyed the books. to me, the preachiness increased with the later novels. _false allegations_ was too much for me. i didn't like it and i didn't enjoy it. i went ahead and read _safe house_ since i had bought it at the same time as _false allegations_, but the honeymoon was over. i had finally become disenchanted.

but don't trust my tastes... i mentioned that i liked them all but the last, but thats not strictly so. i thought _shella_ was a terribly depressing and dreary and ugly book. its a non-burke book. but from reading the list, i know that many people really liked that book. it ranks right up there with the darkest noir i can think of, which would be thompson's
_killer inside me_.


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