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Date: 19 Feb 2002

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<< Does anyone know what Doc McCoy means in the last line of Thompson's "The

Getaway" , "And another such victory" ?

  What do you think he meant by that? >>

    The line before the one you quoted explains that the victory Doc is talking about is "our successful getaway." After that victory, the only
"getaway" left for either of them is the eventual escape (from their lives and from "El Rey's dominion") into a grave.
    By toasting Carol and their future "victory," Doc is acknowledging the contest between them (for survival) and reflecting on the irory of their situation. They got away with the loot and all they have to look forward to is more betrayal and a long, slow, nasty death. And when we escape next time, he is saying, we'll be even worse off than we are now. We'll be nothing.

                                        Jim Blue

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