RARA-AVIS: I Gotta Make That Connection...

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 18 Feb 2002

Kate wrote:

>Sorry to butt in with a personal message, but Kevin B -- my messages to you
>are being kicked back, both kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com &
>kvnsmith@colba.com. Just wanted to say roger wilco & thanks.

Well, sorry to further butt in here with personal stuff, but it's kvnsmith@colba.net, not .com, so that's part of the mistake. But I'm not sure why the kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com address is still acting wonky, after a week.

Some things are still getting through, off and on,(there's never any escape from Spam), but a lot is still getting bounced. All I can suggest, until I get this fixed, is to keep on trying. And if it's really, really important, please try leaving me a message on Yahoo! Chat at kevinburtonsmith.

And Doug wrote:

> I thought that (Chandler) traveled from California to Canada to
>enlist in the Canadian
>military out of allegiance to England, but that he never lived long in Canada
>and did not go to school there.

That's right. And at the time he enlisted, Chandler was a British citizen. It was Ross Macdonald, who had dual citizenship, who grew up in and went to school in Canada, before slipping south of the border to California. He lived there the rest of his life with fellow writer Margaret Millar.

And Ray wrote:

>JDM did a Travis McGee short story for the BOMC in the late 80s.
>If you bought a book, they gave you this story. It's not your typical
>McGee story, though. I have a copy somewhere.

I'm blanking on this one. BOMC? Tell us about this story, the title, what issue, etc. Wow! A McGee short.


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