From: John A. Armstrong (
Date: 17 Feb 2002

> I know a lot of people in this list can't get into his writing & I can
> understand why but I find his stuff riveting. ... Raymond's books (the 3
I've read) both horrify
> & move me & that's a rare combination in fiction, IMO.

> Rene

I had the same reaction, Rene, I only just was hipped to Raymond and bought four books at a used shop, read the first two in one shot and halfway through Dora Suarez now - I can't remember when I was this deeply affected by a writer. An easy read but difficult to absorb, this stuff. I was trying to explain the det.sgt's dialogue to a friend at a bar last night and all I accomplished was that I frightened him pretty good. God knows how he'll react when I lend him the real thing

Best, JAA

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