From: Etienne Borgers ( freeweb@rocketmail.com)
Date: 16 Feb 2002

--- "John A. Armstrong" < johnnyyen@shaw.ca> wrote:
> Hey, my first post here - found this list while
> searching for info on Derek
> Raymond, whom I just discovered thanks to Warren
> Ellis' recommendation.
> Brilliant stuff - does anyone know where I can find
> a solid obit for him?

Derek Raymond, this British writer (real name Robin Cook - not to be confused with the American medical thriller maker), is one of the great contemporary Noir writers. If somebody doubts about what Noir is all about, read Raymond!

To find more details you could:
- search archives of R-A; there was some interesting discussions about D.Raymond (last year I think, and earlier)
- go for his autobiography: THE HIDDEN FILES (1992) in which he does a lot more than just speaking of his life

And of course read his novels like the four of the
"Factory" cycle, cycle ending with a masterpiece: I WAS DORA SUAREZ (1990). Or like: NIGHTMARE IN THE STREET (1988)

He lived in France since 1974 and died there in 1994
(born in 1931, in London). His first novel was: THE CRUST ON ITS UPPER (1962)

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