From: Hugh Lessig (
Date: 16 Feb 2002

> As someone else mentioned, seek out his short stories. The man was a master
> of the form. He could tell a story through dialog better than anyone. The
> plotline develops through the dialog but in a buried form. It's there on
> another level.

This thread prompted me to dig out my volume of O'Hara's short stories that had been forgotten under the pile. It has an introduction by Frank MacShane who says "O'Hara invented almost single-handedly what came to be known as The New Yorker story." And you're right -- he would drop a few solid details in among the dialogue, and all of a sudden, it's real.

He was from Pottsville, Pa., not that far from where I lived for many years. I thought I read that he grew up across from the Yuengling Brewery. I went there once, trying to find his house. I couldn't find it, but I ended up touring the brewery. It's nice. They give you free beer at the end.


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