RARA-AVIS: Further rockers: after Upper

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 15 Feb 2002

Far more literate than my fellow Alaskan Jewel, Pete Townshend put some time in as, officially, a book editor. His unacknowledged model, or at least his band followed the other around in several ways (not least sound volume), Ray Davies wrote and directed a film, RETURN TO WATERLOO, that starts promisingly noirish but soon peters out into dullness.

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--- BaxDeal@aol.com wrote:
> << He must be the only truly literate rock/pop
> singer, aside from
> Leonard Cohen, I can think of . >>
> Lou Reed would probably take exception to that.

So would Jewel, probably. But who'd care?

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