RARA-AVIS: Parker & Name That Book

From: George Upper ( gcupper3@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Feb 2002

> 1. The protagonist was forever cooking and eating,
> and the food didn't even
> seem appealing. These days this "hobby" pops up all
> over the place in
> mysteries, which I blame on Parker.

I won't divulge my source on this, but I have an acquaintance who knows Parker well and insists that the only thing Parker knows about food is, and I'm quoting here, "Food good; hunger bad."

On a semi-related note, back in the day (circa 1987) I read a medium-boiled PI novel wherein the PI had a second career as a writer and, during the course of the novel (which was probably the second in the series) was writing his second novel. He had a Scandanavian love interest whose name rhymed with kosha (no, I'm not making this up, don't ask me why I can remember a pointless detail like that but not the title or author) and at one point in the novel makes a peanut butter omelet and says "Spenser, eat your heart out."

The only other thing I remember is that it was, I THINK, published by Mysterious Press. At least, I read it during a perious in which I bought pretty much anything that MP put out.

Guesses, anyone?


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