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Date: 14 Feb 2002

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>For maybe a decade, I've been reading Canadian mysteries of various sorts
>that featured motorcycle gangs as villains and saying, "How tired!" In
>Pennsylvania, we have cycle thugs who run meth networks and every so often
>kill someone,

That's largely been the scene in Ontario, until now. Meth labs, strippers and intimidators (mostly bombings) for hire.

> but mostly we have parades of vets or anti-helmet-law
>activists or whatever who try to get on TV to proclaim, "I'm an accountant
>and I ride a motorcycle."

Retirees on Gold Wings, and they're right, of course. I often wonder if they understand the PR cover they provide to the gangsters.

> I don't think I've heard anybody say they were
>afraid of motorcycle gangs since the 1950s, and I was a little kid then and
>I might be mistaken. So I was embarrassed to read an actual news item
>recently about how bad the motorcycle gang problem is up north.

Kevin Burton Smith could probably give you the numbers more accurately. Montreal's his turf, but I believe there are more than 100 murders (and not all of them bikers by any stretch) attributed to the Hells Angels vs. Rock Machine battle for turf. Quebec was a final North American frontier, with something similar anticipated in Ontario when things got settled down river, as they were within the past year. After that it took the Hells about a week to organize independent Ontario clubs, thought that may not be complete yet.

Sure, we've all got stories about friendly bikers. Even Mel Lastman has one. Just don't interfere with their business, and hope they don't take an interest in yours.

Kerry, who's always been a bit leery of cops too, though they've never been anything but nice to me.

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