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Date: 14 Feb 2002

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><< Rivard is famous for escaping "jail by persuading his guards to let him
>water the prison ice rink - even though the temperature was above
>freezing." >>
>okay, I'm sure there's a simple explanation. but how exactly does watering
>an ice rink in above freezing temperature allow one to escape prison?

Sorry. It's such a familiar tale to anyone alive in Canada during the 60's that I may have taken too much for granted. Rivard was given permission to leave his cell and to venture beyond the walls of the prison with the explanation that he was going out to water the prison ice rink. The flimsiness of the explanation became evident when it was realized that the temperature at the time was above freezing. The "persuasion" he used, presumably, was financial, though it could have been coercive.

Decades later it is alleged the Hells Angels use a more direct approach, intimidating Quebec officials by murdering prison guards and gunning down reporters. Perhaps another byproduct of global warming.

On another note, I've read my complimentary copy of Jason Starr's Hard Feelings. A good, quick read, definitely in the Jim Thompson tradition, about a guy who takes direct action when his life begins to fall apart. I'll have to read more Starr. Anyone interested in more of my thoughts on the book can find them at


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