Re: FW: RARA-AVIS: The Executioner: after Powell

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 13 Feb 2002

Todd's friend wrote :

> after the palooka and company botched adapting David Morrell's
> incredible First Blood, I wasn't inclined to give Stallone a second
> chance.
Much as I hate the other Rambo films, I quite liked "First Blood" & I thought it was very different in tone to the mindless jingoism expressed in the sequels.Of course, the fact is that I saw it when it came out & it wasn't tainted by the later movies. I haven't read the book so chances are that it doesn't measure up but as a stand alone Hollywood thriller I thought it was fine.I even found the Stallone character sympathetic, in as much as he had any character aside from being a super killing machine. I found the stuff about these "Executioner" & similar type series' quite interesting as I've never paid attention to them before assuming not much was going on.I've made this error before, ie judging books by their covers & it's always good to have intrepid souls inform you of what's out there. I've read a "Destroyer" book & that was fun. There's also a series written by Barry Malzberg under another name (Mike Barry?), "Lone Wolf" that sound very interesting but I've never seen them around. Has anyone read these?


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