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Date: 12 Feb 2002

Chandler was originally English.

Wonder if Chandler and Browne had any commercial dealings other than the reprint of "Professor Bingo's Snuff" in the first issue of FANTASTIC... TM

-----Original Message----- From: Rene Ribic [mailto:] This is an approximation from (recent) memory :

Fleming : ... "The Taste of Ashes" by Howard Browne.

Chandler : Who?

Fleming : Howard Browne.

Chandler : Oh.

Fleming : Well it's very good.

Chandler (muttering, almost under his breath but clearly audible) : He must've improved.

Fleming : Sorry?

Chandler : He must've gotten better.

Of course, Chandler may just have been in a grumpy mood or just annoyed with Browne at the time. Although the interview was broadcast in the morning, according to the story Chandler was already a little under the weather when a nervous Fleming picked him up to drive him to the BBC but luckily he seemed to sober up enough to conduct a reasonable interview. I must stress that the above transcript (mine) is from memory & may not be 100% accurate but it would be pretty close & I stand by the accuracy of the gist of the exchange.Have a listen anyway, if you haven't already. It's supposed to be the only recording extant of Chandler's voice. Speaking of Chandler's voice, for me his accent was a little bit of a surprise. I'd always "pictured" him with an English accent or with a strong trace of one. The accent he has is reminiscent of William Burroughs' accent, which I believe is Mid-Western. Is that the dialect/accent that Chandler spoke in? Was Chandler from the Mid-West, originally?

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