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Date: 12 Feb 2002

A friend who is lurking so far in the background he's offlist has this to say about THE EXECUTIONER series...

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====== Read all of the original Executioner series as well as several years of the New War (plus various spin off books). Seargent Mercy Mack Bolan reminded me of the kind of warm hearted shooters that serve as protagonists in John Woo's heroic bloodshed movies.

The Executioner made quite an impression on me when I first read the original series (circa the late seventies, while the War against the Mafia was still unfolding in print).

The quirky Destroyer series (the first novel of which included a character reading an Executioner book), the Death Merchant, the spaghetti westernish Edge and scores of other action series from Pinnacle and other publishers filled paperback racks in the wake of the chronicles of Mack Bolan (as did, in the 90s, a poorly distributed few issues of a comicbook adaption). At one time, Sly Stallone was mentioned as Bolan in the oft mentioned Executioner movie adaption; after the palooka and company botched adapting David Morrell's incredible First Blood, I wasn't inclined to give Stallone a second chance.

I am uncertain if the entire New War cycle was ghost written or if Pendleton actually scratched out a few. Some of these titles were also memorable.

I was impressed with the spin off Able Team title. Several of them unvealed harrowing political situations in Latin America quite a bit more gray and complex than the American media sketched for public consumption. Of course, featuring lots of hardware, including Atchisson machine-shotguns, was a plus in my pulp book as well.


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