RARA-AVIS: David Goodis & missing web page at Noir site

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 09 Feb 2002

I just wanted to mention for those unaware of the fact that one of Goodis's classic novels, 'The Burglar" (reprinted some time ago) was made into a film noir in 1956, directed by Paul Wendkos & starring Dan Duryea & Jayne Mansfield. I haven't seen it in a VERY long while (I hadn't even heard of Goodis when I saw it, so must've been damn close to 20 yrs or more) but I loved it. Duryea is one of my favourite noir actors of all time - equally adept at oily villains & doomed stumblebums. Apparently it was remade in France in 1972 as "The Burglars" with Jean Paul Belmondo & Dyan Cannon, according to Maltin's Movie Guide (1998), although Leonard doesn't think too highly of it (& I find him to be generally a fairly reliable guide except for the odd exception ,which is usually the sort of film that is often only liked by people like me.) Post script to George Tuttle page : there is a link there that once led you to a page where Mr Tuttle had written an overview of noir fiction, complete with very useful lists of classic novels. That web page appears to have "gone to Allah" unless it's just temporarily down. I'm pretty sure I've downloaded the page to my hard drive (just have to locate the booger).If anyone is interested, contact me off-list & I'll see if I can locate it & send it to you.


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