RARA-AVIS: river girl (spoiler)

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 09 Feb 2002

hi everybody!

well i'm bout halfway thru charles williams's _river girl_. i love the intensity, jack's growing desperation and the lake setting.

my only complaint so far is that i think he's overdone the foreshadowing. when dianne comes over and offers to give him a ride from the lake, its too obvious that he's being double-crossed. jack has already stated earlier that buford would kill to protect his butt, and then he makes it real obvious when he makes that comment about not knowing at the time how true buford's words about them not meeting again were. add to that his suspicion of dianne (geez... she introduces herself with one name and the sheriff uses another), and its a dead giveaway.

so williams sort of wrote in his own spoiler. i'm not exactly sure how the betrayal will come down... whether buford will be waiting for him at the meeting place, or be in the car with dianne (that seems to dangerous). guessing about the outcome, i figure jack kills buford but is done in by dianne. hmm... she must be the femme fatale, although jack doesn't want her. and i wonder further about whether he's misjudged dianne even further. he thinks she's a "kept" woman, but she acts to independent. i think those guns hanging up in the apartment might just be hers.

i'll print this out in case i'm dead wrong on the double- cross thing, just in case i gotta eat em. ;-)


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