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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 09 Feb 2002

So you're telling me, Mark, that all these insights I worked out all by myself are actually cliches? Bummer.
    I do believe that those who get themselves into trouble and then call on a "psycho sidekick" to beat up the nemesis are wimps. This includes Stephanie Plum.
    In academic speak (Bill?), is this a deus ex machina?
    My track record on accessing archives is pitiful, but I think I'll try that thread, Mark, and be chastened by learning how tired my other original thoughts are. At least I didn't crash in with a prototypical newbie comment like "My definition of noir is. . . ."

Joy, who's savoring _Hours of the Virgin_
> Joy,
> Maybe before you get into this list you should know that many list members
> don't think the the Spenser series has been hard boiled for many years.
> his few supporters agree that that only the first seven, at most, were
> really good but share your criticism
> I think Coben's Win was modeled on Crais' Pike who probably is a variation
> on Hawk. Not in the direct line is Lehane's Bubba who is as psychotic. We
> discussed all this in November mainly under the thread titled, 'psycho
> sidekick's, You could find that in the archives if you would like
> Mark .

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