RARA-AVIS: Other pb scan sites of HB interest

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 08 Feb 2002

Thanks for those links, Anders. I love these types of sites & this one being in Swedish, featuring someone I'd never heard of, I would never have found it. The following sites would also be of interest to many here, if they don't already know them : http://www.uncwil.edu/people/smithms/ACE.html This site is devoted to Ace pb's.In the 1950's these guys published many HB/noir books & although Gold Medal got most of the cream some gems turned up here.Also, I often like the cover art better, the covers were often much sleazier (it's just the kinda pree-vert I am, what can I say?)And speaking of GM : http://goldmed.virtualave.net/index.htm A massive site - I believe this has been mentioned here before but a lot of people may have missed it. I think the webmaster, Eddie Stevenson, may be a list member, although we rarely (no pun intended, this time) hear from him. http://www.enter.net/~jsksamony/flaglerstreet/index.html An excellent site devoted to Brett Halliday & his redhaired (not a detail you could ever miss) PI, Mike Shayne.Cover scans make up a smaller portion of this site but it's still of interest from that pov as well as everything else. http://www.hankjanson.org.uk/ A site devoted to Hank Janson, massively prolific author of HB pulp, in a UK stylee. Many of these feature the artwork of Reginald Heade, probably the most sought after of UK pb illustrators (& the sexiest, meaning the covers, not Reg himself). I hope these are of interest to members, they've given me many hours of pleasure as well being very useful for research purposes.Enjoy.


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