RARA-AVIS: the big sleep

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 08 Feb 2002

hi everybody!

ever heard of this one? hahaha. its the first book i've read by chandler. i just finished it and i liked it. he writes good dialogue and the plot was

interesting and exciting. so he wrote this in 1939 and hammet came out with _red harvest_ in 1927 and _the maltese falcon_ in 1929. from reading the list i know that chandler was influenced by hammet. its interesting to watch the evolution of the genre.

since i joined the rare bird list, i've increasingly found myself doing more than just reading individual mysteries... i seem to be thinking a lot about the genre as a whole.

sam spade and philip marlowe certainly have a lot in common, don't they? looks like the two of them pretty much locked in the hardboiled protagonist stereotype.

thanks to advice from the group, i picked up a copy of williams's out-of- print _river girl_ from ebay for a reasonable price, and i've just started it. i guess i should also mention that thanks to the group, i heard about charles williams in the first place. _river girl_ came out in 1951, so from

_the maltese falcon_, _the big sleep_ and _river girl_, i've got three books

spanning two decades.

from such a thin sampling, it looks to me like the stereotype has endured well, but that the original protagonist's attempt to remain emotionally detached has eroded into an unwanted and sometimes torturesome
(ok, thats probably not a word, but i liked it more than "torturous".) self- involvement with the plot.


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