RARA-AVIS: Let me introduce myself

From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 07 Feb 2002

My name is Jack Bludis. My reading and writing has ecclectic, but for the last four or five years, I have pretty well settled in on Private Eye and noir fiction. It's still got the good guy-bad guy aspect of fiction and the shades of gray in the characters are more defined.

I tried Rara-Avis about a week ago, but couldn't figure out how to to digest and there were must too many messages for me to handle.

Thankfully, someone gave me directions for how to go digest and here I am. I do see some familiar names here, so my guess is that I am in good company.

Thanks for the two quotes that start this whole thing--Gurman's and Hammer's. They sum up the meaning of the list for us, I think--and hope.

Jack Bludis

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