Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent purchases & Harry Whittington

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 06 Feb 2002

Can anyone supply me with hardboiled/noir credentials, if any, for the westerns from my list - to witt : "A Noose for the Desperado" by Clifton Adams (his name has come up here before in hb/western threads & his non-western, "Whom Gods Destroy" IIRC has a reputation amongst the guys who know these things); "Fury on the Plains by Chad Merriman & "The Dark Raiders" by E B Halleran - all Gold Medals. While I'm at it, I'll toss in another western that I've had for a while,
"Vengeance Trail" by the great Harry Whittington (I love his noir stuff
& everyone seems agreed his westerns are noirish also). Anyone who hasn't read "Brute in Brass" (AKA "Forgive Me, Killer") just has to rectify the situation. Another favourite is "So Dead My Love" the Ace Double paperback (& the Australian digest format edition from Phantom, re-titled "Let's Count Our Dead", which is the copy I have) feature what is possibly my favourite pb cover of all time - the standard Bound Blonde Babe, tied to a chair, while grabbing her hair from behind is a very butch looking older woman who is just about to whack the crap out of her with a leather strap or belt. Observing this is a blase looking gent, leaned against a desk, lighting a cigarette. He's wearing a deputy's star. (And unlike just about every hb pb of the era, the cover actually portrays a scene from the book with complete accuracy). When this book was reprinted in Australia by Phantom a year or two later, the star had disappeared from the artwork. I KNOW this was reprinted in a Gorman edited or similar-style anthology but when I went hunting through my books I couldn't find it. I notice while typing this that Bill Crider has already responded with info about Clifton Adams. Thanks again, Bill.


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