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Date: 06 Feb 2002

--- Rene Ribic <> wrote:
> Block, I've only read "The Sins of the Fathers" -
> so-so but I was
> expecting that from other list members' comments

I think Scudder is best read in order, particularly the first half of the series. "Fathers" is a good book, but it's nothing compared to some of his other work.

> I've read one of these before - it was an enjoyable
> pulp/comic book
> style romp, funny as well. Is the post Sapir/Murphy
> series worth
> reading?

The latter books in the series are hit-and-miss. Some of them are quite good, some not so good. There is no perfect system for knowing which ones are better than others, but I've found that I tend to enjoy those that Warren Murphy had a personal hand in writing. Most of the books and their actual authors are listed here:

I think just about all the covers list Warren Murphy or Murphy & Sapir as the authors--I THINK that they listed both authors until Sapir died, and then they began listing only Murphy. But I could be wrong about that. At any rate, while Murphy occasionally dabbles in the current novels, he has very little direct input anymore (his choice). That may change, I suppose, as he is now coming out of his temporary semi-retirement.

> And you're obviously a man of taste.

Tell that to my wife, will ya?


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