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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 06 Feb 2002

George U wrote :
> Anything by JDM deserves a low number on the TBR list.

Meaning, one of the 1st to be read, right? I skimmed over your post & thought you were saying that it deserved a low priority & was just about to tell you that I disagreed when I realised that, in fact, we were in complete agreement. Not everything John D wrote is a stone classic but I haven't read anything that wasn't at the very least entertaining. Actually I've just read "Death Trap" - it's OK, not on a level with
"Dead Low Tide", for example (what is?).

> > "Two for Tanner" by Lawrence Block. "A Likely Story"
> by Donald E Westlake.
> Although I've read neither of these, the worst writing
> by either of these men is worth reading.

Block, I've only read "The Sins of the Fathers" - so-so but I was expecting that from other list members' comments but I want to read them in order - and a couple of great shorts in the various "pulp"/hb anthologies. Westlake I know through the Stark/Parker books - he's the man! - & his earliest 2-3 novels, including "The Mercenaries" which I liked quite a bit, it sits on the shelf quite comfortably between Hammett's "The Glass Key" & the works of Peter Rabe, whose influence
(Rabe) is apparent here. "A Likely Story" is obviously one of his later, humourous books.

> > "The Destroyer 12 : Kill or
> > Cure" & "The Destroyer 14 : Judgement Day" by
> > Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy.
> The early Destroyers are the best. These are early
> enough in the series actually to have been written by
> Sapir and Murphy. (Robert J. Randisi wrote a couple
> of Destroyer novels under Murphy's name, but I can
> never remember which ones. They were much later in
> the series, however.)

I've read one of these before - it was an enjoyable pulp/comic book style romp, funny as well. Is the post Sapir/Murphy series worth reading?

> > "Blood Marks" by Bill Crider (!).
> I've only read one Crider, ...A DANGEROUS THING
> (correct me if I've messed up that title, Bill), but
> I'm constantly on the look-out for more. He's not
> hard-boiled (although there's some tough-guy attitude
> in there), but he's a solid writer and a heck of a lot
> of fun.

Apparently this one's about a serial killer. Bill tells me it's not one of his more, I guess typical, books & is darker in tone than his other stuff, none of which I've had the pleasure of reading, yet.

> > "Such Men Are Dangerous" by Lawrence Block
> Put this one on the top of the pile. It was worth
> buying new.

I'd already seen good reports on the list, it's what inspired me to buy it. I may take your advice here, it looks like a nice, bite-sized read like a Gold Medal novel.

> As always, feel free to ignore these comments, or even
> disparage them, at your leisure.
I wouldn't dream of ignoring your comments. I love getting this sort of feedback it's one of the reasons I de-lurked & it's why I posted the list of books.And you're obviously a man of taste. Thanks for the feedback.


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