RARA-AVIS: Recent purchases

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 06 Feb 2002

Just got around to unpacking a whole bag full of books I picked up during Xmas hol's & as it seems a little quiet I thought I'd let people know what I'd picked up & see if anybody has anything to say about any of these. These came from 2nd hand & charity shops either while visiting in-laws or 2nd hand shops (& one new purchase) in Sydney : The most exciting find is a Pan edition from 1961 of "Solomon's Vineyard" which I think may be the first unexpurgated edition, or at least the first pb edition. Does someone out there know? (Nice cover by Peff).
"Experience With Evil" by "John Ross Macdonald" (again, Pan, nice Peff cover). Some Gold Medals (UK ed's) : "State Department Murders" by Edward S Aarons; "Francesca" by Stephen Marlowe; "The Couch" by Robert Bloch; some Westerns : "A Noose for a Desperado" by Clifton Adams; "Fury on the Plains" by Chad Merriman; "The Dark Raiders".
"Mad River"; "Line of Fire"; "The Intriguers" by Donald Hamilton. "Don't Just Stand There" & "And the Deep Blue Sea" by Charles Williams. "Death Trap" & "You Live Once" by John D MacDonald. "Space for Hire" by William F Nolan. "The Dead Look On" by Gerald Kersh. "Two for Tanner" by Lawrence Block. "A Likely Story" by Donald E Westlake. And closer to home I picked up :
"The Hard-Boiled Detective" ed Herbert Ruhm. "The Destroyer 12 : Kill or Cure" & "The Destroyer 14 : Judgement Day" by Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy. "Blood Marks" by Bill Crider (!). "Neon Mirage"by Max Allan Collins. "The Night Flower" by Max Brand. "Such Men Are Dangerous" by Lawrence Block (bought this one new). "Bordersnakes" by James Crumley & finally, "The Cold Six Thousand" by James Ellroy. Anybody care to comment on any of these & maybe help me prioritise them before they go into my BIGGER TBR pile?

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