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From: Jim Beaver (
Date: 04 Feb 2002

> The book Bill and others have mentioned -- David Thomson's "Suspects" --
> has a sequel. "Silver Light" follows the founding and taming of the west
> by literary and film characters, from Matthew Garth (the character
> Montgomery Clift played in "Red River") to -- and here's where it
> qualifies for this group -- "Chinatown"'s Noah Cross who puts up the
> money for a silent film.

"Silver Light" is not exactly a sequel, both because it takes place before most (or all) of the action of "Suspects," and because it really does not involve the narrative thread of "Suspects" nor "Suspects"'s dramatis personae (the above-mentioned exceptions aside). I suspect
"Suspects"'s--(sorry)--artistic success led Thomson to try a similar concept in a new book. The biggest difference is that "Suspects" is a collection of character dossiers that adds up in the end to a whole story, while "Silver Light" is much more a traditional novel, using though a similar conceit, i.e., the interaction of characters from movies with "real" (that is, original) characters.

Both excellent reads. Only "Suspects" is hardboiled, in my estimation.

Jim Beaver

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