RARA-AVIS: Crime fiction series - Vachhs et al

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 03 Feb 2002

Just thought I'd throw my bit in here regarding various series being discussed although I'm not a huge series reader as like many people I prefer to read them in order & that can take a while.

Walter Mosley : I recently read "A Little Yellow Dog" & found it to be on a level with the earlier books in the series - damn fine. James Lee Burke : Only read a couple & I have mixed feelings. I don't recall the ghost stuff in "Black Cherry Blues" but in "Confederate General in the Electric Mist" (title?) you can't miss it -hell it's in the title. I found it a trifle silly & I have to say that Robicheaux's moralistic attitudes do get up my nose but at least that's a realistic aspect to the stories & don't ask me why that's important in crime fiction considering that I also like fantastic fiction (some at least). I guess it has to do with suspension of disbelief - which leads me to : Andrew Vachhs : can't get into the Burke books either, Mike R, my main problem being his band of merry helpers an extremely unlikely assortment of characters, all from the "streets" (more like old Doc Savage pulps, just tarted up modern neo-noir style - I mean to say, Max the Silent,"Jeezus Crisuz!" as a Polish lady friend of mine used to say).Having said that I've read a couple of excellent shorts by the man
& his stand alone novel "Shella" I like a hell of a lot. I've noticed others on this list share my opinions re: Vachhs, Burke & "Shella". John D MacDonald - I love the Travis McGee books, though, again, I prefer the earlier stand alones.I don't suppose the Travis books are neccessarily particularly realistic but somehow I don't care. I've seen John D described as the C20th Dickens (also seen same comment about Elmore Leonard) & silly as those kinds of statements often are I concur this time.Yes, like many prolific authors not all his stuff is great & he recycles material but when he's on he's on. So, Mike R, don't give up on him. My personal recommendations would include "Dead Low Tide" & "The Empty Trap". There are several others but I can't think of them right now.My wife, who doesn't share my taste for hb lit, although she doesn't mind some individual authors, has read all my John D books twice, except for the Travis books - she's read those 3 times.(We are talking dozens of books here).


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