RARA-AVIS: Blue Murder is defunct

From: ejmd__ ( ejmd__@ntlworld.com)
Date: 01 Jan 1990

Bludis Jack buildsnburns@yahoo.com writ:

> Blue Murder, alegedly one of the best
> paying e-zines on the internet is defunct.
> I have heard a lot of authors were never
> paid. I know of one who was definitly not
> paid for a published story.

I had about three or four things in Blue Murder, and I exchanged a lot of correspondence with editor David Firks who, after I mentioned I hadn't received payment for one contribution, went out of his way to send me a cheque via Fed Ex--and there wasn't much difference between the Fed Ex charge and the value of the cheque. Unfortunately (for me, anyway) I never received payment for my final contribution or two, despite several emails which went unanswered. In the end I gave up.

However, Blue Murder was a great idea, and a great mag. The fact that I did get a couple of cheques made it even better. It's a shame it went under, and I hope that David Firks, who seemed like a really nice bloke, came out of it relatively unscathed.


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