Re: RARA-AVIS: Howdy new guy

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 01 Feb 2002

Frankie Lee said:

> Please allow me to introduce myself.... (M.Jagger)
Howdy. Like yourself Ive been a long time lurker/reader & only recently starting to put my 2 cents - that's actually 4 cents where I live so it may be why my posts are so long :-)
>- when I've read a book, I'm not always so sure if it was a good or a
bad book. But I know what I like.
I'm much the same, it's just that sometimes I know or think I know why I like/dislike a book but it may just be retroactive justification of my more visceral reactions.

> And my favourite is James Crumley. But another favourite of mine is
Daniel Woodrell. He's not much mentioned on the list - why is that? He is hard-boiled, ain't he?

I'd say so. I've only read one of his , it may be the 1st, don't recall title but it didn't really excite me. On the other hand I know that he is very highly thought of by at least a few people including some rare-birds & I am planning to investigate further. If he hasn't been discussed much it may be that he hasn't been read by a lot of people rather than he's not thought of as being hard boiled or very good. You could always try starting a thread yourself - what do you like about him? What are his best books? etc.Welcome to the list, or rather good to see you "coming out", as it were. In the short time I've been "out" I've found the members not only to be an amazing repository of knowledge in hardboiled & noir fiction (& film) & related media & genres but a whole wide area of culture , High,Mid & Lowbrow talk that touches on everything from Sophocles to Batman cartoons but also friendly & extremely helpful to anyone who shares their interests (at least they have been to me & I'm almost a complete stranger). Welcome aboard.

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