From: Frankie Lee ( franklee@online.no)
Date: 01 Feb 2002

Please allow me to introduce myself.... (M.Jagger)

I've been on and off and on this list since august 1997. Mostly on. I almost feel like you guys are my friends. Like Big Boss Bill, the Marks (Sullivan and Blumenthal), Jim (who was absent for a while), the Dougs - all of you. The Finnish guy - forget his name. And the new friends like miker. You've taught me so much. And not forgetting Mario - where are you?

I have been listening, but I'm hoping I can contribute some more in the future. I'm amazed - not only by all the knowledge you disclose, but also by the powerful opinions you assert. I must admit - when I've read a book, I'm not always so sure if it was a good or a bad book. But I know what I like.

And my favourite is James Crumley. But another favourite of mine is Daniel Woodrell. He's not much mentioned on the list - why is that? He is hard-boiled, ain't he?

Regards, Frankie

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