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From: Anderson, Erick (Adecco ETW) ( Erick.Anderson@nike.com)
Date: 30 Jan 2002

> "Rene Ribic" < rribic@optusnet.com.au> writ:
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> > "Get Carter" - what is the point in redoing this
> > classic as a Hollywood flick?
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> > Same director did both versions).
> The title of the Dutch film is Spooloos (1988), but it is also known by
> the English title, The Vanishing. It is based on Tim Krabbe's novel, The
> Golden Egg. The director, George Sluizer, remade the film ('the
> American version'), again called The Vanishing, in 1993.
> I haven't seen the US version. The Dutch film was shown on UK TV
> sometime last year. It was very dark. Apparently, the Dutch film is
> 'the one to see', and it was, IMO, well worth watching; I can't comment
> on whether the ending of the remake is 'lighter' or happier.
Are we talking about the Get Carter starring Sylvester Stallone? According to the credits for that film it is basedon a book called something like
"Jack Comes Home" (I don't recall the name of the author). I watched part of it, but realized that I didn't care about any of the characters, or what would eventually happen to them. Can anyone on the list comment on the book? I'd hate to go through life thinking that the characters from the source material were as tedious and unsympathetic as they were shown to be in the movie.

Best Regards, Erick

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