Re: RARA-AVIS: Elliott Chaze

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 30 Jan 2002

> Does anyone know if Elliot Chaze's "Black Wings Has My Angel" has ever
> republished? It was listed as forthcoming from the original Black
> line in 1990, but I don't think it ever saw print. It was listed again
> forthcoming from a small press called "Black River Books" in 2000, but
a Web
> search has revealed nothing about Black River or Chaze's novel. There
is a
> small Chaze Web site located at:
> llio
> ttChaze/ElliottChaze.html
> Any info would be appreciated.
> --
Thanks for the link. I wish I could help, "Black Wings" is a book I'd love to read, it has a heavy rep.I looked it up on Amazon - they had theBlack Lizard edition listed as "out of print - limited availablity", complete with an ISDN #.Whether this means that there are unreleased copies of the book gathering dust in a warehouse or this is just some clerical error is not known to me. I suspect the latter.Back in 2000 there was some talk of Barry Gifford reviving the original Black Lizard line, which would make this book ideal as one of the first releases.We can only hope that this is the case - I've yet to hear any more on the topic. I was hoping someone on this list would have more info but so far there has been deafening silence on the topic.As a side note - I understand the author's original title was "Red Wings etc". Gold Medal obviously decided that black was the right hue for noir (naturally enough) & didn't want to confuse their readership with a title that didn't refer to darkness or death, synonyms for which make up a large slice of Gold Medal titles.

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