Re: RARA-AVIS: Matt Helm

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 29 Jan 2002

> I read today in the Hollywood Reporter that Dreamworks is negotiating
to buy
> rights to all the Matt Helm books. Robert Luketic (from Legally
> yuck) is signed to direct the first installment. Sad to say, it
> sound like the series is going to get any better treatment than it did
> first time. Oh, well...
> Brad
How about if they cast Mel Gibson as Helm & made him a more sympathetic character, something like Gibson's character In "Lethal Weapon" 's 1-9
:). I mean, that way the character could appeal to a "wider" audience than the paltry no's of people who originally bought the series books!
(Personally I would file this in same place as "Payback" & "Get Carter" remake - the circular file under the desk, ie rubbish bin.Actually, no, I haven't seen either of these films but I'm sure they're turkeys. Reasons : "Payback" - Gibson as Parker.That's already enough, for me. Hearing how Gibson had made the character "more appealing" & seeing shorts featuring Mel's cheeky grin while firing off a wisecrack just confirmed my suspicions. "Get Carter" - what is the point in redoing this classic as a Hollywood flick? The things that made the original unique include the grim Newcastle industrial scenery & views of Northern English working & criminal classes & Michael Caine's mesmerising & reptilian hero/villain.I might be wrong but I'm guessing the remake had a "happy" ending & a love interest (as did the US remake of that Dutch film, name escapes me, featuring a guy trying to find out what happened to his girlfriend - she was buried alive.Same director did both versions).I love it when Hollywood gets it right but damn that's rare, IMO. Rene.

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