RARA-AVIS: Norbert Davis reprints

From: btoomey@javanet.com
Date: 28 Jan 2002

Couple of years ago I said:

"It would be a great service to everyone if Norbert Davis' Doan and Carstairs stories were reprinted. They'd fit comfortably in a single volume: two novelets, "Cry Murder" and "Holocaust House"; and three fairly short novels: SALLY'S IN THE ALLEY, THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAIN and OH, MURDERER MINE. These are some of the best HB comedies ever written, about Doan, a slightly sleezy babyfaced conman PI and Carstairs, the pedigreed great Dane he won in a card game. The great Dane, having some class, is rather ashamed to be seen with a lowlife like his new master. Way overdue for reprinting."

Now The Rue Morgue Press is reprinting the novels, although not in a single omnibus collection. So far they've published, in trade paperback, THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAIN, with SALLY'S IN THE ALLEY due at any moment (amazon.com is accepting advance orders for it right now), and presumably OH, MURDERER MINE up next.


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