RARA-AVIS: Re: Cain, 14 Slayers & other pubs

From: dgreene@odu.edu
Date: 28 Jan 2002

In answer to a recent posting, yes Paul Cain's SEVEN SLAYERS will be reprinted, with twice as many stories, under the logically-derived title, FOURTEEN SLAYERS, to include all his independent stories in BLACK MASK
(that is, not the material collected as the novel FAST ONE). Max Allan Collins has organized a number of modern private-eye and hardboiled writers to contibute a preface to each story, and the book will be published jointly later this year by Crippen & Landru (www.crippenlandru.com) and Black Mask Press. Keith Deutsch, who owns BLACK MASK rights, has book publication rights to Cain's MASK stories. We are delighted to work with him.

In proof right now is Raoul Whitfield's JO GAR'S CASEBOOK, also a joint pub with Black Mask Press. In the future, we plan BLACK MASK books by Frederick Nebel, and Norbert Davis( for which Keith owns the rights) and John D. MacDonald and Horace McCoy (for neither of which does Keith own rights, so we'll have to negotiate with the authors's heirs).

Early in February, C&L will publish Wendy Hornsby's NINE SONS, almost all of whose stories are noir, especially "Ghost Caper."

We are not only publishing classic private-eye stories in association with Black Mask Press, but we also have scheduled for May Hugh B. Cave's COME INTO MY PARLOR: TALES FROM DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY. As many of you know, Hugh is the last survivor of the pulp-private-eye authors (the genuine pulps, not the digests with which they are sometimes confused). He is almost 92, and still writing. And one of the nicest guys in the business.

As long as I am promoting, I should mention that we have started a new series called "Crippen & Landru Lost Classics," to publish works by no longer living writers--some of whom may have been (nearly) forgotten. Books of interest to this list will include Craig Rice's MURDER, MYSTERY AND MALONE, and William Campbell Gault's MARKSMAN AND OTHER STORIES, edited by Bill Pronzini.

We welcome suggestions for future publications, either in the BLACK MASK series or the "Lost Classics"--keeping in mind of course that rights are not always easy to secure.

Doug Greene Crippen & Landru Publishers, Inc. A Murderous Name in Mysteries www.crippenlandru.com CrippenL@Pilot.Infi.Net

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