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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 25 Jan 2002

George P (quoting H McCoy) :

. I need no apologist or crusader to finally hold my
> lifeless body up to the world and shout for them to come and observe what
> they have wrought. Do you know one of the first things I'm going to do when
> I get some money? I'm going to have Cartier make me a little solid gold
> thing for my wrist, you know, that identification thing the army guys wear,
> on a solid gold chain and do you know what I'm going to have inscribed on
> it? Just this: 'Use me not as a preachment in your literature and your
> movies. This I have wrought, I and I alone'."
> Brilliant.
You bet.I watched "Way of the Gun" on video last night.The film ended with almost that exact same sentiment being expressed by one of the protagonists, who also assumed some narration duties.I really enjoyed the flick & I echo the opinions expressed by those listmembers who made the positive comments.I thought whoever it was expressed it nicely & I have nothing to add.I've got to say that it's been one of the few neo-noir/hb/tough crime type recently. I wasn't at all impressed by "The Limey" & found "The Croupier" a little too self-consciously
"arty" for my tastes."The Croupier" didn't live up to the director's, IMO, artistic highpoint, "Get Carter" & I thought that "The Limey" was a pallid, rather lifeless attempt to do a version of "Get Carter" in America, starring a very wooden Terence Stamp, which is the only sort of Stamp I ever recall seeing.The only Soderbergh I 've enjoyed at all was "The Underneath", a competent remake of a classic film-noir, "Criss Cross", starring Burt Lancaster
& Yvonne (Mrs Munster) deCarlo (directed by Siodmak?). To get it all back on topic, this film was based on a novel by Don Tracy. Has anyone read this book or anything else by Tracy? Somewhere I have a vintage era pb of one of his books but I haven't read it, don't recall the title or remember if it was a hb or crime-style book. Rene.

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