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Date: 25 Jan 2002

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> I can also recommend ABE particularly if you live in North America.In my
> situation the postage is prohibitive, usually more than the price of the book,
> otherwise I think I'd be a very regular customer.I personally get a lot of my
> stuff from 2nd hand & charity shops - the idea is just to forage & pick up
> you can, rather than looking for particular authors/titles.99.99%+ of the
> in the charity shops is unspeakable junk & you're highly unlikely to find any
> vintage pb copies (where I live, anyhow) but I have found many cheapo reprints
> from the 60's& 70's of classic noir authors, some possibly pirated editions.I
> have many editions (with fairly ugly covers) of works by Day Keene, Gil
> David Goodis, Peter Rabe etc. These imprints come from places like Australia,
> Israel, South Africa & even the US. My copy of "Street of the Lost" by David
> Goodis is a Priory edition, out of Israel.I'm not aware of this Goodis volume
> being reprinted in any other edition (& it's probably my fave Goodis book).I
> also have nice sized piles of books by Keene & Brewer published by Eclipse,
> of Australia & the US publishers MacFadden-Bartell reprinted piles of Keene
> well as a Keene original & a Lionel White, I think) in the 60's - all these
> picked up for AUS$peanuts, which is half as many peanuts in $US.Of course, I'd
> rather have these in the original for the same price (he says, looking with
> green eyes in the direction of US cit's such as Mr Crider) - but paying 20-50c
> (10-25c US) makes it easier to justify buying expensive books, or importing
> them, to myself (and more importantly, She Who Must Be Obeyed) on the rare
> occasions I do.I also feel I'm doing an important service as a HB
> preserving these books from eventual destruction. Happy hunting!
> Rene.

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