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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 23 Jan 2002

--- Rene Ribic <> wrote:
>there was a lot more
> variety than you would
> think, including some stuff that could only be
> described as noir or hardboiled &
> rather sophisticated stuff at that.
>There is
> also the work of Sampayao (spelling) & Munoz (?) who
> did/do these stark,black &
> white hardboiled tales set in New York, where I
> understand neither had ever
> been, at least at that time.I think these guys are
> either Argentinian or
> Spanish.

Mu񯺠and Sampayo... from Argentina, but living in Spain when they published their *first class* comics. These are amongst the very best European comics of HB/Noir inspiration. In France their works appeared in 1975, rather acclaimed, and their graphic novels where published a little bit later by Casterman (famous Belgian publishing house) this until the late 80's.

Maybe you could have a look at my web site: HARD-BOILED MYSTERIES, chapter COMICS - section European HB comics- there is a page about M&S and their series with the PI Alack Sinner, and some examples of drawings by Mu񯺮

These works had an important influence, under others, on the graphic style of Frank Miller (of Sin City fame- series that was not yet mentioned in this thread I think, and which is surely Noir and HB), as Miller often confirmed this influence during interviews.

The chapter of the web site introduces also some other important European comics creators having produced HB/Noir works- it's not exhaustive, as very few of the numrous European comics production of quality (of all genres) was translated into English. And when it was, it was most of the time sporadic and not well distributed by the foreign houses.

CURIO: Last year I red a Noir/HB novel by Carlos Sampayo: EL LADO SALVAJE DE LA VIDA in its French translation, but I was disappointed as it was only of average quality. On the contrary of his very efficient scripts for the comics. There are maybe other novels (?) but my knowledge of Spanish is too basic to allow me further exploration.

My two cents.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

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