RARA-AVIS: hard-boiled movies, animation

From: Eddie Duggan ( Eddie.Duggan@suffolk.ac.uk)
Date: 23 Jan 2002

"JOHN & CATHIE CELESTRI" < ccpub@worldnet.att.net> write:

> In terms of animation, I think the HEAVY METAL feature
> (released in 1981?) had enough hard-boiled stories in
> it to qualify by default (not all of the stories were
> in that vein, but I wouldn't put BATMAN:THE MASK OF THE
> PHANTASM ahead of it and I still would've put THE SPIRIT
> as the first if it had been produced).

The film Heavy Metal is, I believe, based on the glossy North American comic which itself was an Americanised version of the French magazine Metal Hurlant. I can't say I'm at all familiar with the content of either the American or the European version of the magazine (fwiw, I haven't seem the film either) so I can't offer any opinion on boiledness, hard or otherwise, but I always thought of the title as primarily a vehicle for fantasy artwork: a glossy, airbrushed feast of enormous breasts and bulging biceps.


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