RARA-AVIS: upbeat endings not hard boiled?

From: Msedano@aol.com
Date: 20 Jan 2002

Sam Spade flirts ironically with the murderous vixen, if they stretch your neck or i'll be waiting etc. the bad guys are on the lam with the evidence in the cops' hands and Sam Spade is free, his honor and ethics reaffirmed. That's as upbeat as I can think of, and Maltese Falcon seems by acclamation to be an avatar for hardboiledness.

Outcast.. Steil has solved the mystery, he's gonna come into some money, his boss will probably rip him off for a goodly percentage but one suspects Steil has wised up enough that he won't be easy pickings and may even have a rich life before him in the States selling Freon. Seems almost upbeat to me.

In every single Spenser novel, Spenser with or without Hawk, solves the crime, beds his girlfriend several times, walks the dog. Seems upbeat to me.

The color guy, McDonald, the vato on the boat with the wise side-kick in florida, always wins, the issues wrapped up all nice and tight. Seems upbeat to me.

Maybe I don't know what "upbeat" means. Am I unsyncopated?


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