RARA-AVIS: straw dogs

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 20 Jan 2002

hi everybody,

after the recent movie discussion, it got me thinking about other movies that i've seen that might qualify as hardboiled. since the hardboiled description is somewhat new to me, i'm still a bit shaky about what it represents.

anyway, i remember a movie i saw at the cinema a long time ago called straw dogs. i'd say it was hardboiled. a strange thing about it is that i've only seen it that once, and never again. not on tv and i haven't seen it for rent anywhere either.

but it made a lasting impression on me. if i recall it correctly a pacifist/ conscientious objector dustin hoffman moves to england. in a recurrent theme, the local thugs press him far enough that he rejects his pacifist beliefs and gives em holy hell. i remember lye boiling on the stove. i remember (or think i do) a rape scene where his wife appears to start enjoying it. whoa! thats gotta be the ultimate feminist heresy. maybe i'm dreaming and that scene never occurred. you couldn't do it nowadays. thats for sure.

sam peckinpah, i believe. i'd like to see that movie again.


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