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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 20 Jan 2002

Both the initial release of "Outcast" as a trade paperback and the subsequent re-release in hardcover made it into Borders, Barnes and Noble, and The Mystery Bookstore here in Washington, DC. carried it as well. I've pretty much been able to find all books I'm looking for between,, and Barnes and Noble's website. "Iced: The New Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Fiction" featuring our own Kevin Burton Smith's first published fiction has been the only book I haven't been able to find online other than at its publisher's site at: "Iced" will be released in the US soon from what I hear, Kevin may have the specifics. Definitely not a book to miss by the way ... even if you're not into anthologies. There are some exceptional noirish tales between its covers with a Canadian taste. Review will appear in the next issue of Judas in March.

If you missed its initial release in 2000, I've also finished reading "A Deadly Dozen" from Sisters in Crime/LA recently ... another anthology. Mix of styles, but a hard one or two in the mix. Review will appear in the next issue of Judas also.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

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Doing the check also reminded me that Outcast was near the top of my list a couple of years ago and I would recommend it. I originally had trouble finding a copy and had to special order mine from the States through my local independent mystery store. Our Winnipeg library system has had a copy on order for months. Hopefully, it's easier to find in the U.S. although I have never seen copies in the large bookstores I visited in the Twin Cities or Fargo.

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