RARA-AVIS: Plots With Guns issue 15 announcement

From: a.n.smith ( ansmith@netdoor.com)
Date: 19 Jan 2002

First things first: PLOTS WITH GUNS, your Internet source for hard-boiled and noir, has moved to www.plotswithguns.com

Our very own place. No curfew. Oh, there'll be trouble now.

The new issue is overflowing--no, let's say *seething*--with dark stories chosen by Guest Editor ROBERT SKINNER. He's the author of the acclaimed Wesley Farrell series, set in New Orleans during the 1930s and 40s (go grab a few copies of DADDY'S GONE A HUNTING, BLOOD TO DRINK, and PALE SHADOW). His introduction gives us the essential argument for guns in literature.

Featuring regulars Crimedogs HUGH LESSIG and EDWARD C. LYNSKEY, the issue also brings a flood of new names to our pages--CARTER SWART, G. DURANT HAIRE, J. R. CHABOT, LINDA A. LAVID, ROBERT PETYO, KEITH COMBS, JOSH BUCHIN
(who *might* be Batman, but we're not sure), and IAIN ROWAN. The stories are hard, cold, and stunningly rendered, like an icy snowball in the face. Okay, less severe than a gun, but since it's January and all...

VICTOR GISCHLER weighs in on the glories of FILTH in his column HARD-BOILED DIXIE.

As usual, guaranteed to offend someone somewhere somehow. But it wouldn't be good crime fiction if it didn't do that at least a little bit, right?

Let it snow. You've got a lot of reading to do. WWW.PLOTSWITHGUNS.COM

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