From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 19 Jan 2002

hi jose,

i imagine that you'll get a lot of disclaimers on this, but i'll jump right in there and vote for b, two main characters and between eight and fifteen secondary characters.

ok... disclaimer:

i think that probably the most popular formula is one you left out: one main character and from ten to twenty secondary characters. i'd say that the last three novels i've read, _when the sacred ginmill closes_, _dress her in indigo_, and _skull mantra_ fall into that category. if you had offered that category, it would have been the one i voted for.

another comment: i don't think you'll hardly ever find the
(a) option. a high number of secondary characters is almost a crime novel given. i've seen some writers, like ellroy, introduce an absurd number of characters... over 50 i'm thinking. geez! the bible didn't have that many people in it, unless you want to count all the begatting.


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