RARA-AVIS: Hannibal/Red Dragon

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2002

speaking of Harris adaptations, I just read some weird thing about "Red Dragon" being made with Ralph Fiennes in the "title role" and Anthony Hopkins in a supporting role - I never read the book, but does this mean Hopkins is playing Lecter? I don't remember what director was listed, but it wasn't Demme or Scott.

and by the way . . .

mild spoiler for Hannibal the movie

You know that thing where he traps her by putting her pony tail in the fridge? Totally doesn't work. My brother-in-law field tested it on my sister, and I was the witness. She lost a few hairs and it hurt a little but there's just no vacuum created when there's that much hair stuck in there. . .


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